Monday, April 23, 2012

D.R........Times Two!

Again here I am playing catch up :). Because Rob's mom works for Jet Blue we were able to fly down to the Dominican Republic for super cheap while they had an all inclusive deal doing on. It was seriously a blast. It was a good break for both of us. You can pretty much eat yourself to death because everything is all inclusive. They had this VIP beach with beds on the beach which was so cool. HOWEVER is was a nightmare to get a decent bed. The beach opened at 8:00 in the morning and if you weren't there lined up ready to get you didn't get a bed. Plus there were always some little kids running in front of you throwing shoes or a magazine on a bed to mark their territory. I may have knocked a kid or two down to get a bed...totally worth it. We snorkled and watched shows, went to some big party they throw every Sunday and basically bummed for a few days. It was great! This trip was so last minute but my friend I had booked a trip to the Dominican Republic a few months earlier for graduation so I ended up in the DR twice in a couple months. I'm telling you there is nothing like a girls getaway. We were like best friends with a guy named Juan who worked at our resort. He absolutely fell in love with Corey. He was a little devastated when the love wasn't returned. We went clubbing in a cave with a bunch of Dominicans (that was an experience) we got massages, zip lined, and even had therapeutic fish suck on our feet! I was seriously dying. Lets not forget I straight up got some Dominican braids put in. The lady told me she deserved a big present because I had so much hair. The resort would put on shows every night and Corey and I went to the shows EVERY night. We sat right up front and could not quite laughing. There ain't no show like a Dominican show. I honestly don't think I'll ever have another trip quite like that. It was fantastic. >
DR round 1!! />
Round Two! />
Check out those shorts! />
Took out those braids pretty much the minute I got home :) />

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here and There....

I am trying to make up for not posting pretty much anything this entire summer so this post will be in no certain order. Its just some random little things that we've done that were really fun. We made it down to St. George a couple of times and spent a lot of time at Gunlock Falls and Sand Hollow. One trip down to St. George we ended up getting cheap tickets to the Lion King in Vegas. Such a good show! One weekend we went up to Park City and did the Alpine slides...yes Rob won. I think its because he weighs more though. One night we went and built popsicle stick boats and floated them down a creek....yes I won, because Rob's weighed a little more :). So we're even. I took Rob down to Vegas for his birthday and we went to Phantom of the Opera. It was definitely a Vegas version of Phantom but fantastic nonetheless. My pictures are a jumbled mess but I just tried to highlight the was a good one

My boats name was Nessy

His was much more creative then mine

Alpine Slides

Watching fireworks at sugarhouse park Waterfalls up Provo canyon Vegas and St George! I would have posted more pictures but blogger keeps changing and I can't figure it out! It truly is frustrating being computer illiterate. Notice how I have comments it really random places....jeez.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tunnel of Love. Kinda.

Did I mention I have a crush on the best man from the previous post?? His name is Robson. Best man, maid of honor....cute right?? ANYWAY, its been a few months since this actually happened so I think I'm ok to blog about it :). With all of the wedding stuff going on we had spent a lot time together, and like I said.....I thought he was pretty adorable.We decided to hang out after the wedding. He told me about some tunnels that were right by my house. These tunnels go under the freeway and at the top there is a really neat look out point. Little did we know how treacherous the hike was going to be. Getting to the tunnels is really easy, just a jaunt through a park to a not so frequented path. There are three seperate tunnels and because the tunnels are pretty steep there are ropes to help you climb up without slipping. We went with another couple and we wanted to take blankets to sit on when we got to the top. It made it a little more difficulty since we had some stuff to lug up there. The first tunnel wasn't too bad except the rope was kind of stretchy making the climb a little tricky. The second tunnel was a little more intense. Rob and I got up the tunnel no problem, but our friend Kirstyn had a little more difficult time. Rob and I were sitting at the top waiting for her to finish climbing when we heard a thud and the rope slipping past us. Both of us grabbed the rope and then we heard Kirstyn scream. Rob yelled down to her to make sure she was ok and she said she was fine and that it had just scared her. Everyone got to the top of the tunnel so we investigated what had happened to the rope. It was attached to a shovel that had been stuck in the ground. The shovel had completely come out of the place it was wedged into. UH! SKETCHY right?!? So here we are after a little scare and we decide (against better judgement) to go up the third tunnel. The third tunnel was really steep. Rob made it up first but only after really messing up his hands. He had to hold the rope so tight and kept slipping because the rope had NO grip.When he got to the top he tied some weird boy scout knots to make it "easier" to climb up the rope. They worked for the most part except every once in a while a knot would pop and you would slip a little bit. When we all got to the top we acted like. "Yay! That was fun." When really, we were all thinking, "I'm so glad I didn't die in this freeway tunnel where my body would likely never be discovered." I'm all about adventure but seriously....that was a tad over the edge. We sat at the top of the tunnels for SOOO long because it was so cool. Plus...we had shlept so much crap up there with us we weren't looking forward to getting down with it all. And yes.......Rob and I shared a magical moment of a *first kiss* (insert awwww here). Good times. So its like 3 am and we decided we need to get off this mountain side. Rob goes down the first section of tunnel and yells back, "There is no way I'm comfortable making Kirstyn and Stod climb down that!!!" Danny (Kirstyn's date) who is an avid rock climber decides to brave the tunnel as well. He also yells back, "That was SUPER hard!!" So neither Kirstyn or I are feeling super confident at this time. Rob yells up the tunnel that not too far from the tunnel there is a path you can hike down. They think we should do that and they'll come pick us up with the truck at the road. ALRIGHT. We wait five minutes and then head for the path. Um....this path looked like a mud slide had recently reeked havoc on it. So with the blankets, head lamps, phones, and flash lights in hand Kirstyn and I brave this (and I use the term loosely) path. We get down to the bottom, covered in dirt, and sweating like crazy. We had to pretty much slide on our butts the whole time. I think I would have rather gone down the tunnel. Seriously! Robson later admitted that he thought I would never go on a date with him again after he ditched me in a tunnel above the freeway. We totally laugh about it now. It was a very interesting date. I only got a few pics but here you go. Also, no I did not get a picture of the great view. I don't know whats wrong with me.

Beggining the trek....before our lives were in danger :)

After the first tunnel

Headed up! Can you even see the tiny rope???

Waiting and giving the boys a head start

Before heading to the path! *Disclaimer*-Robson will probably make an appearance in future posts. I like him......

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Not the movie, she really got married! It was so fun to be her Maid of Honor and I was so.....well, honored :). When she (Dottie) first told me that she was going to get married I was super upset about it. I was a few weeks from moving up to Salt Lake and my only friend in Salt Lake was getting all engaged and stuff! Needless to say, when I met Steve (her husband) I was totally happy for her. They are such a cute couple and so right for each other.
So, I like wedding showers but sometimes I really hate playing the games. However, we played a game at her shower that was seriously so funny. You had to put a banana at the bottom of some panty hoes, tie it around your waste so it was hanging just above the floor, then you had to move an orange across the floor swinging the banana using your hips. Maybe that makes absolutely no sense but I was seriously laughing so hard. These are pictures from her wedding shower. I'll keep it PG I promise.

The orange game!!!

The actual wedding day. Her dress was so grogeous! She looked so beautiful!

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